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Zhu Qihua
China 1927
Memoir of a Debacle
Translated by Zhu Hong
Edited with an Introduction by Doug Merwin
Foreword by John C. Ma
“Zhu Qihua’s memoir—never intended for publication—is a unique document portraying a young man hungering for adventure and passionate about a revolution that he is still too young to understand. Following the Northern Expedition from Canton to Wuhan and then the Second Northern Expedition into Henan and then retreating back south after the Guomindang splits with the Communists, Zhu argues with Li Lisan, criticizes Guo Moruo, and envies He Long’s culinary tastes. Starting out as a romantic revolutionary, Zhu wonders about the meaning of the revolution as he cradles the lifeless body of a young woman and friend. Superbly translated by Zhu Hong (no relation), this memoir humanizes the revolutionary movement in a way no other document does.”
Joseph Fewsmith, Boston University

“Zhu's memoir of the fateful year of 1927 is a compelling, unsparingly honest, and illuminating picture of revolution at the ground level.  Gifted with a sense of humor as well as an appreciation of nature, Zhu tells a story filled with unexpected twists and turns, alternating peaks of optimism and valleys of despair, danger, and death. This is an absorbing and invaluable contribution to the literature on twentieth century Chinese history.”
-----Steven I. Levine, The University of Montana

Zhu Qihua, the author of several highly regarded books, including Hongse wutai (The Red Stage, 1942), was labeled by the CCP as one of eleven Trotskyites (ten, as Zhu had been named twice, under two of his many pseudonyms), and in 1941 he was arrested by the GMD as a communist spy and executed in 1945.

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