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Shattered Families, Broken Dreams
Little Known Episodes from the History of the Persecution of Chinese Revolutionaries in Stalin's Gulag
Foreword by Peter Reddaway
Translated from the Russian and with an Introduction by Steven I. Levine

"A compelling, fast-paced, historically enlightening autobiography of a Chinese woman raised in Stalinist Russia along with the children of many Red elite Chinese families which vividly reveals how the cruelties of Stalinism in and out of China made humane relations virtually impossible both at the most intimate level of personal relations and at the highest levels of political power. Important. Illuminating. And a great read."
—Edward Friedman, University of Wisconsin-Madison

"In the spirit of writers like Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Sin-Lin opens a new and almost unknown world for American readers. This harrowing tale of personal trauma and spiritual enlightenment, told with searing honesty and admirable dignity, exposes the endemic cruelty of Stalin's and Mao's Communist regimes and restores its Chinese victims to their rightful place in history."
—Alexander V. Pantsov, Capital University "Ultimately a story of broken homes, broken promises, broken dreams, and broken lives, [Sin-Lin's] intense account offers fresh insight into the fate of Chinese revolutionaries repressed in Stalin's Gulag and into the insanity of the Great Cultural Revolution."
Donald J. Raleigh, Jay Richard Judson Distinguished Professor University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Sin-Lin defected quietly from China to the United States in 1988 and now lives in California.

Steven I. Levine is Faculty Research Associate in the Department of History at the University of Montana. In addition to his scholarly writing, he has published half a dozen book-length translations from Russian and Chinese into English.

Peter Reddaway is Professor Emeritus of Political Science, George Washington University, and former Director of the George Kennan Institute for Russian Studies in Washington.

2012 475 pages photos index
ISBN 978-1-937385-18-7 pbk $35
ISBN 978-1-937385-19-4 cloth $75