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Past and Present in China's Foreign Policy
From “Tribute System” to “Peaceful Rise”
Edited by John E. Wills, Jr.

Does our understanding of China’s long and complex history of foreign relations help us to understand the rapidly changing involvement of China in the twenty-first century world? The contributors to this volume have written and thought about aspects of this question for many years. This many-sided volume, the result of a recent conference, offers a remarkable variety of approaches to these issues. “Tribute,” “empire,” “asymmetry,” and recent discussions of China’s “peaceful rise” and of the “Chinese model” for developing countries all come into the discussion. This book will be basic reading for policy analysts, concerned citizens, students of history, political science, and international relations, and their teachers.


Introduction. John E. Wills, Jr.

• The Policy Analyst and Historical Perspectives: Notes of a Practicioner Michael D. Swaine

• How Many Asymmetries? Continuities, Transformations, and Puzzles in the Study of Chinese Foreign Relations John E. Wills, Jr.

• Some Things We Used to Know About China’s Past and Present (But Now, Not So Much) Alice Lyman Miller

• Tribute, Asymmetry and Imperial Formations: Rethinking Relations of Power in East Asia James L. Hevia

• China and Other Colonial Empires Peter C. Perdue • Recognition, Deference, and Respect: Generalizing the Lessons of an Asymmetric Asian Order Brantly Womack

• How the Past Shapes the Present: Five Ways in which History Affects China’s Contemporary Foreign Relations Harry Harding.

John E. Wills, Jr., is Professor of History, emeritus, at the University of Southern California. He is the author of Pepper, Guns, and Parleys: The Dutch East Asia Company and China, 1662-1681 (1974), Embassies and Illusions: Dutch and Portuguese Embassies to K’ang-hsi, 1666-1687 (1984), two chapters on Ming-Qing relations with maritime Europe in The Cambridge History of China, and other books and articles.
2011  150 pages   Index
ISBN 978-0-9836599-8-3  $35.00 pbk