Soldier of God
MacArthur's Attempt to Christianize Japan

“The most important contribution of the book is bringing to the fore the postwar elaborate schemes played by American missionaries, General MacArthur, and Imperial Palace representatives to convert  the Japanese to Christianity. . . Moore reveals that at the height of American clamour to hold Hirohito accountable for war crimes, Japanese imperial officials gave every impression that the imperial family, including the emperor himself, was receptive to the Holy Bible. . . offers a rare analysis of how the Japanese actually used Christianity to work in their favour and effectively defeat what the Americans wanted in the first place . . .”
                                                     Pacific Affairs

". . . The General's notion that Japan must become Christian in order to become democratic produced unease among the Japanese and was not unchallenged by his American colleagues. Moore is alert to all the nuances of this encounter . . . Much of the second part of the book is concerned with moves to save the emperor from trial as a war criminal . . . This is a clear and intelligent account of an uncertain period in Japanese history, concisely and persuasively told."Japan Times