Stephen Girard's Trade With China, 1787 - 1824
The Norms Versus the Profits of Trade

“. . . Another noteworthy accomplishment of Goldstein’s analysis lies in his focused study on Girard. Although the Girard Papers are accessible to researchers, the enormous volume of his correspondence is difficult to penetrate . . . While Goldstein includes few personal details of Girard’s life, he successfully navigates the archive and demonstrates how central Girard was to Philadelphia’s trade with China. Overall, Goldstein’s contribution is a positive one. His concise description and analysis of Stephen Girard’s role in the China trade provides a helpful starting point for any scholar interested in learning more about Girard and early nineteenth-century trade.”

The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography

“. . . Overall, Stephen Girard’s Trade with China makes a useful contribution to the literature devoted to the early commerce of the United States with China. It leaves the field open for a study of the importance of his own involvement in the China trade to Stephen Girard, and his place within that trade.”

International Journal of Maritime History